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  /  Nabanita “Bonnie” Sarkar

Nabanita “Bonnie” Sarkar

Nabanita is a musicologist and independent singer-songwriter from Kolkata, India whose influences sink deep into folk, bluegrass, pop and jazz. A talent driven by passion, social awareness and love, she writes songs that conveys a pallette of emotion from longing and nostalgia. Nabanita has been part of unique musical collaborations across genres and is recognized as a fresh, emerging artist from Bengal. She plays festivals and concerts big and small throughout India and abroad.

Intro to Acoustic Music: Beginner Guitar & Ukulele

Course Description: In this workshop Nabanita will share everything you need to know to get yourself picking and strumming with confidence. This course is specifically designed for adult beginners that have limited experience but would like to expand their knowledge on guitar and ukulele. This workshop is also ideal for beginners that haven’t had the opportunity to play in group setting and are ready to learn basic etiquette to feel comfortable in an open jam environment. Each student will have the opportunity to gain stage experience with a final performance at River Runners.

In this Intro to Acoustic Music topics will include…

  • How to play basic chord shapes
  • Basic Rhythms and strumming patters
  • Learn how to sing while playing your instrument
  • Read easy chord charts within the style of bluegrass, country, and popular music
  • Learn how to play well in a group setting / ensemble
  • Showcase what you learned with a performance at River Runners

What to bring: 

  • Instrument
  • Capo
  • Tuner
  • Extra strings
  • Music Stand
Breakout Session / Finding Your Voice, Vocal Workshop: Throughout Bonnie’s vocal workshop, she will focus on the fundamentals of singing well. This includes understanding the breath and breath control, vowel structure and movement, muscle tensions of the face and neck, ear training through intervals and solfegio, harmonizing, and a deepening of overall body awareness. Bonnie hopes to provide the basic singing skills to help build confidence and fluidity in her student’s voices. Finding your voice is a liberating experience that leads ultimately to a deeper connection to one’s body and mind. This break out session is included in Adult Passes. If you do not have an Adult Pass you may purchase this course as an added elective or as a drop-in student HERE.

Finding Your Voice – June 25-27, from 3;30 pm – 5:00 pm