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David Lawrence

David Lawrence has called Colorado home for over a decade. Whether performing solo or with his full band, ‘The Spoonful,’ David brings a unique blend of finger-picking Delta blues, roots-Americana, soulful vocals, and his style of Gypsy-infused jazz guitar. In recent years, David has focused on his original sound & released a debut full-length album produced by Banshee Tree frontman Thom LaFond. ‘Lean In’ received accolades on CPR, Westword Magazine, 303 Magazine, 5280, and Rooster Magazine & plays on local radio all over CO. A poet at heart, David’s original sound combines evocative imagery and storytelling with infectious melodies and rich, layered guitar playing. True to his musical roots, David’s music is raw, gritty, soulful, and full of heart.


Guitar Workshop: Intermediate – Advanced

Course Description: Be prepared for an immersion in Guitar! In this week-long intensive we are going to focus on a wide range of guitar fundamentals. For aspiring lead players, we are going to ‘un-lock the pentatonic box’ which will help players develop blues & rock lead ideas without getting trapped. We will learn ‘fundamental arpeggios’ to develop proper voice leading & then we will get funky with the ‘diminished scale’ to create a fun Django sound. For Rhythm playing, we are going to develop some fun right-hand techniques including, Swing rhythm or ‘La Pompe’, Latin style Bossa, and fingerstyle.

What to bring: 

  • Instrument
  • Capo
  • Tuner
  • Extra strings
  • Music Stand

Breakout Class / Seed To Song, Songwriting Workshop: For our songwriting workshop David will separate the class into two parts. The first half will encompass lyrics, poetry, phrasing, & rhyme, in order to explore the depth of meaning that we can imbue into the song-writing process. The second half of the course focuses on chordal harmony, song structure, and melodic tips. David will discuss how to use all these tools to craft fun meaningful songs and sharpen our song-writing skills. If you do not have an Adult Pass you may purchase this course as an added elective or as a drop-in student HERE.

Seed To Song – June 6-8, from 3-4pm