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Alex Johnstone

Alex Johnstone is the mandolin player in the internationally acclaimed, award-winning band Rapidgrass. He was also the Mandolin player in the band Spring Creek which ended back in 2012. Alex has been playing and performing for audiences for almost 20 years and had several thousand shows under his belt. Equally comfortable on guitar or mandolin and singing, Alex brings passion and improvisation to any musical situation he may find himself in. Alex’s music reflects his love of the mountains and all the outdoor adventures that have filled his time while not on the road picking and singing. Alex has also been a music teacher taking on private student and teaching group classes all over America, Canada, and Europe.


Mandolin Workshop: Intermediate – Advanced

Course Description: In this workshop, we will take a look at mandolin techniques, discuss topics of music theory, work on different accompaniment styles, and improvisation. Students will also learn and choose from a variety of pre-prepared songs. It will be a totally interactive experience where students can ask specific questions and everyone will be encouraged to participate and create beautiful music together. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to gain an understanding of his or her instrument no matter their skill level or age.

What to bring:

  • Instrument
  • Tuner
  • Extra strings
  • Music Stand