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There is music in the mountains for those who listen.
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You're going to love our professional instruction, real-world approach, and results-driven curriculum. Oh, and the epic views, gold-metal waters, and world-class adventures. Music and the moutains are calling your name.

Let’s make music 

We hope you’ll join us June 14th-17th in Buena Vista, Colorado! If you can’t make the entire camp feel free to drop into a Breakout Session featuring a Vocal Clinic, Songwriting, and Creativity Breakout.

Welcome to Camp Coletrain, a music workshop produced by Coletrain Music Academy! Our workshops offer instruction for first-time beginners to the advanced performing musician looking to gain more knowledge on their applied instrument. Our teachers are both renowned educators and avid performers. Our result-driven curriculum and real-world approach were created using proven methods that have helped countless students reach their musical goals.

Kids 12 & Under Clinic: Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele Course & Intro to Guitar Course: In this Ukulele class, we will work on strumming techniques, learn songs by ear, and will learn several great sing-along songs. For the Intro to Guitar course, we will learn basic chords, pick techniques, and will work on learning campfire songs.

Choose from Guitar, Violin, Bass, Dobro, Voice, and Songwriting! Our workshops offer instruction for first-time beginners to the advanced performing musician looking to gain more knowledge on their applied instrument. Our teachers are both renowned educators and avid performers.

Songwriting Breakout Session with David Lawrence

For our songwriting workshops David will separate the class into two parts. The first half will encompass lyrics, poetry, phrasing, & rhyme, in order to explore the depth of meaning that we can imbue into the song-writing process. The second half of the course focuses on chordal harmony, song structure, and melodic tips. David will discuss how to use all these tools to craft fun meaningful songs and sharpen our song-writing skills.

Vocal Clinic with Bonnie Culpepper

Throughout Bonnie’s vocal clinic, she will focus on the fundamentals of singing well. This includes understanding the breath and breath control, vowel structure and movement, muscle tensions of the face and neck, ear training through intervals and solfegio, harmonizing, and a deepening of overall body awareness. Bonnie hopes to provide the basic singing skills to help build confidence and fluidity in her student’s voices. Finding your voice is a liberating experience that leads ultimately to a deeper connection to one’s body and mind.

Creativity Breakout Session with Gary Sloan

Want to try some open-ended musical exploration? This will be a fun, open-ended class with no concrete goal other than looking at music and your individual instruments differently. We’ll explore free improvisation- by removing the barriers of time and harmony (sounds daunting? It’s not!) we can fully focus on mood, energy, space, listening, taking turns, growing together, fading together, and all of the other absolutely critical aspects of music.

Coletrain Music Academy

Coletrain Music Academy is an award-winning music studio located in Buena Vista, Colorado. CMA was founded by Master Violinist and world-renowned fiddle player Coleman Smith. Coletrain Music Academy is known for teaching concepts that are proven to get you started and keep you learning music for years to come. Our curriculum in our private lessons is carried over to our Music Workshops, E-Lessons, and Masterclasses.

Professional Instruction

Real-World Approach

Results-Driven Curriculum

Coleman “Coletrain” Smith

Coleman’s love of the violin began at the age of 3 at which time he began studying the Suzuki Method. Coleman has a degree in music performance and a minor in music pedagogy and has over 15 years of experience both teaching and establishing music education programs. In 2018 Coleman moved his music school Coletrain Music Academy from Decatur, Texas to Buena Vista, Colorado where he currently serves students from Chaffee County as well as neighboring towns including Crested Butte, Breckenridge, and Aspen, as well as students from the front range. Coleman is also a founding member and fiddle player in the Internationally acclaimed and award-winning band Rapidgrass, established in 2009. Currently, when Coleman is not teaching he travels the world performing and teaching including an annual tour throughout Europe and India.